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Welcome to LAWK - Wills, Trusts & Securing your Assets for your Beneficiaries

With the vast experience of our fully trained paralegals, and in the comfort of your own home

We will make drafting your Will and  planning your estate straightforward by being informative &  transparent. We will assess your current circumstances and recommend any services that will provide the correct protection for you, your family and your assets.


Seven Main Reasons to use LAWK:

  1. Legal formalities must be followed to make sure that your Will is valid.

  2. Lawk offer specialist advice for more complicated matters such as Trusts.

  3. Inheritance Tax specialists are available to all LAWK clients.

  4. LAWK and our associates are specialists and keep up to date with current legislation.

  5. We are proficient in dealing with small, large and complex estates.

  6. VAT inclusive, cost effective and fixed price range of services to suit all needs

  7. Initial confidential home visits at NO additional cost.

A Single Will costs £130.00 including V.A.T and a HOME VISIT.

A Joint Will costs £160.00 including V.A.T and a HOME VISIT.

LAWK will provide a high quality free service to our valued existing and new clients by going above and beyond to cater to each clients specific needs through open communication with exceptional service.

With a proven track record in providing a quality service and advice within the Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning domain, we look forward to hearing from you, to provide you with a sympathetic, yet accurate professional advice which you would expect.

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To freely update your current Will you have stored with us, or to write your first Will or discuss anything else, then please contact us now.

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