A Beach Bum Trust


What if your beneficiaries became lazy and intended to just live off the inheritance you left to them after you had passed away?

You can encourage potentially troublesome beneficiaries by matching what they earn.


How does this work?


  • The share left to the lazy Beneficiary would be held in Trust managed either professionally or by the Trustees you appoint.

  • The allocation of the fund is based upon matching the earnings of the beneficiaries.




  • If the beneficiary lazes around (hence the name 'Beach Bum') and earns nothing, then he/she will get nothing.

  • However, if the beneficiary earns £500 then he/she will get £500 from the fund.

  • If the beneficiary obtains regular employment, then the Trustees can match the earnings from the Trust fund.


What are the benefits?


You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that even when you're gone, your beneficiaries would have an incentive to begin or continue working to receive more from the inheritance.